This document and its annexures constitute the entire agreement between the parties and no variation, cancellation,

addition or amendment to, or deletion from this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless recorded in

writing and signed by both parties. The Agency is hereby authorised to access the Employee’s personal

information and conduct background screening checks, including but not limited to: credit, qualifications,

employment references, criminal record, fraud prevention, ID and driver’s license verification. The employee

hereby consents that any information held by the employer may be disclosed to any of the Clients at which the

Employee should work or show interest to work at through PPLE Healthcare and with any third party to whom the Employee

has authorized the Employer to disclose such information. As soon as the information on your application form

is verified and you have been registered on our systems and there is an opening at a facility which is

suitable AND if such facility should choose to request you to work, you will be placed by PPLE Healthcare. If you have not

already received your Name Tag and Staff Number, then your Personal Shift Coordinator will SMS you your

PPLE Healthcare staff number and arrange with you to get your PPLE Healthcare employee badge. For placements

at our Public Sector Clients: The facility will contact PPLE Healthcare directly and request a staff member. Public sector clients

and facilities make use of an electronic booking system which is managed by your PPLE Healthcare Shift-Coordinator.

If you are selected by the client you will be placed accordingly. For Placement at our Private Sector Clients:

The facility will phone or email your shift coordinator to request a staff member. Your coordinator will then

place you according to your availability and the client’s selection. Therefore, please ensure that you make yourself

available by either phoning 021 853 8879, SMSing or whatsapping 082 462 2485 or emailing your available dates

to wchealth@pple.co.za. All PPLE Healthcare employees receive a SMS when there is a placement opportunity

and then when the facility has confirmed that you have been selected. Therefore, please ensure that you keep PPLE Healthcare

up to date with the facilities that you would like to work at. (A list of clients and facilities is available on request.)

What is orientation? Before you are allowed to work at certain facilities you may be required to be Orientated. Orientation

is when a new employee is allowed to work under supervision at a facility to prove that he/she has the right Attitude,

Aptitude and Skill necessary to work in a particular ward or facility. It is an opportunity for a nurse to introduce herself

to the permanent staff in the ward and the management of the facility and to make a good first impression. During

Orientation a new employee will be shown the various protocols and procedures to follow in that particular ward or facility,

will be trained on any necessary equipment, tools and paperwork and will be given the opportunity to function

effectively within the facility. Orientation is conducted by PPLE Healthcare Staff Solutions’ Facilitators.

Contact 021 853 8879 for Orientation opportunities.

Personal information

PPLE Healthcare will verify all information submitted to their offices. All applicants will be evaluated and be required to be orientated where necessary before being allowed to work.

The Procedure

  • If a client requests a staff member, PPLE Healthcare will contact you for youravailability, if you have not already made yourself available.
  • Respond immediately with a YES to the Availability SMS only if you are available to work.
  • PPLE Healthcare will then nominate the available nurses and the client will beallowed to select the staff members from that list.
  • If the client selects you, then you will receive a Confirmation SMS confirming the date, ward, and shift you must work, OR
  • You will receive a SMS telling you that your nomination was notsuccessful or the request was cancelled by the client.
  • Never give up making yourself available. WhatsApp PPLE Healthcare at 082 462 2485. The more you make yourself available for shifts the more chances you have of being booked by a client!

The Payment Structure

  • We receive timesheets / attendance forms on a Monday and Thursday
  • You must ensure that you sign the PPLE HEALTHCARE Register book and use the Correct PPLE Healthcare employee number at the beginningand end of each and every shift.
  • Please ensure that you fill in your SANC number
  • The information is then captured into the payroll system and verified
  • Payments are made on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Money will be available by Wednesday and Saturday
  • If you do not sign the register book no payment can be made to you.
  • Once we receive the Timesheet from the client you will then be paid on the next available payment run
  • If the Timesheet cannot be read or is missing a PPLE Healthcare employeenumber, we cannot pay you.
  • You can correct any error by contacting your personal shift coordinator.


  • The Employee will be paid by the hour and his/her rate will be basedon his/her skills and experience, and the requirements of eachassignment as received from the client.
  • Should a Compress working Week in accordance with Chapter 2,Section 11 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997, “TheAct”, be in place (or be implemented) the Employee will be required to work up to twelve (12) hours a day over a 45-hour week inclusive ofmeal intervals. These hours may by agreement with the Employee and the Client, be varied or averaged within limits set by law from time to time.

Ministerial Determination regarding Leave

By signing this agreement, the Employee elects to participate in the all-inclusive remuneration package as described in the Ministerial Determination annually. Annual-, Sick- and Family Responsibility Leave is included in the Wage.

PAYE (Income Tax) – Tax deduction information

  • If PPLE Healthcare is your only employer, tax will be deductedfrom your earnings in accordance with the IRP10, statutory tables.


PO Box 172 36 Main Street, Finbond Building Strand Strand 7139 7139 Email: wchealth@pple.co.za Website: www.medxstaffsolutions.com Tel: 021 8538879 Fax2email: 086 402 6981 Cell: 082 4622485 Reg No: 2012/032999/07 Vat Reg No: 4280238751

(Your tax status will determine the tax bracket to use within the statutory tables)

  • If you have any other employment or income (pension etc.) tax will be deducted at the maximum rate of 25% (As per TAX regulation your Tax status will indicate: Permanently Employed)
  • If you are in possession of a tax directive from the Receiver of Revenue, please attach a certified copy in order for PPLE Healthcare Staff Solution todeduct tax accordingly.
  • It is your responsibility to keep PPLE Healthcare updated of anychanges in your employment and tax status in order to ensure that your earnings are taxed accordingly.
  • This status must be in writing and faxed or emailed.


Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF): In terms of current legislation PPLE Healthcare is required to register all our employees with the Unemployment Insurance Fund Commissioner.

  • The total legislated contribution is 2%. 1% is payable by you and theother 1% is payable by PPLE Healthcare Staff Solutions.

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases:

  • You are covered under the compensation fund for occupational injuries and disease (COID act) while working for PPLE Healthcare Staff Solutions.
  • The current Legislation does not cover Needle-stick injuries and bodyfluid contaminations as they are not covered by this act. All relatedexpenses incurred are the responsibility of the employee.
  • PPLE Healthcare however offers Needle-stick and Body Flued Contamination Insurance as an optional extra when you take out ProfessionalIndemnity or Medical Malpractice Insurance with AON. Please refer to the AON Medical Malpractice application form at the back of yourapplication form.

Injury on duty

If you are injured while at work, your first priority is to inform the person in charge immediately and seek medical attention. If necessary, report to casualty. The hospital or your private practitioner must fill in the injury on duty forms. Send a copy of those forms to PPLE Healthcare. PPLE Healthcare will fill in the part of the designated for the Employer. The forms must be faxed to our offices within 24 hours. Inform PPLE Healthcare within 24hrs of the incident.

Basic Conditions of Employment

PPLE Healthcare will endeavor to place you on temporary assignments with our clients as and when suitable assignments become available. PPLE Healthcare does not guarantee that there will be assignments available at any time. Rates may vary from one assignment to another. The employee is deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of each assignment upon acceptance. Rates are inclusive of the leave components, as determined by the Ministerial Determination

Expectation of Future Assignments

The Employee agrees that notwithstanding the Agency’s intention to secure assignments for the Employee on a regular basis for the duration of this agreement, the Employee has not been given any undertaking in this regard, nor has any expectation been created that the Employee will be placed in other assignments or that the Employee’s assignments, in any future temporary position, will be on the same similar terms to any previous assignment.

SANC – South African Nursing Council

It is the employee’s responsibility to register with SANC and to provide a copy of your SANC receipt each and every year to PPLE Healthcare via fax or email. You might also be asked to provide proof of your SANC Membership in the form of a SANC Receipt or Registration Letter to the facility or institutions were PPLE Healthcare has placed you. If you do not have a valid SANC receipt the client may send you home and penalize you. PPLE Healthcare cannot place you at our Client’s Facilities without a valid SANC membership.

Working Hours and Attendance Register

Employees are expected to be on time, at least 15 min prior to duty time. Professionalism in your uniform is priority. The PPLE Healthcare attendance register must be filled in correctly, sign in and sign out with your signature and staff number, this must be legible/read-able otherwise we cannot pay you.

Availability, Bookings & Cancellations

If you cannot work or you keep on cancelling your bookings, it means that we cannot rely on you and placements may be lost. Please ensure of the following.

  • Inform PPLE Healthcare weekly with your availabilities or leaveperiod via email wchealth@pple.co.zaor WhatsApp 082 462 2485.
  • Make sure that you are contactable, and that PPLE Healthcare Staff Solutionshave your correct details so that messages can be sent via your cellphone.
  • We do not answer Missed Calls or please-call-me on the cell phone.Please make use of Whatsapp or SMS.
  • If you are unable to work, please notify PPLE Healthcare within24hrs and at the very least 4 hours before the commencement of a shift.
  • If you are unable to work, you cannot send someone else to work in your place. Neither you nor the replacement will not be paid as PPLE Healthcare has not given that person consent to represent PPLE Healthcare.

Dress Code

Your image is a reflection on your professionalism and the company through which you are working. The dress code for all the Hospitals and Clinics are standardized as follows by SANC & PPLE Healthcare:

  • Epaulettes must be worn at all times
  • White Collar Shirt – NB: No blue trimmings, lace, frill shirts or t-shirts
  • Dark Blue trouser or skirt. Males may wear white pants
  • Socks to be the colour of your pants or shoes
  • Only stockings the same colour as your skin can be worn with the skirts
  • Navy court shoes or a proper closed shoes; NB: No tekkies or sandals
  • No jerseys may be worn while you are working with patients

If you are not dressed appropriately you can be sent home, financiallypenalized by the client and disciplinary action taken against you. Dress code is important!

PPLE Healthcare Name Tag

It is the responsibility of the employee to arrange to get a PPLE Healthcare name tag. No bookings will be done without a nametag. As soon as you are registered on our system you will receive a SMS with your PPLE HEALTHCARE employee number. As soon as you receive this number, phone in and make an appointment to come to our office to make your name tag. Please remember the following:

  • You have to bring your Nursing Top and Epaulettes
  • Minimum makeup

Banking details

New bank details must be faxed or emailed. No new banking details will be accepted over the telephone or via SMS.

We need your full name, ID number and your PPLE Healthcare Staff number with the new banking details.


If you need to leave your workstation, you must inform the person that is in charge. Write a short statement as to why you are leaving (Child Sick etc, the person in charge will sign and fax it to PPLE Healthcare Staff Solutions. Sign out of the Register.


Orientation at Private Clients can require multiple days which without creating any expectation of future shifts must be attended at a client’s facility. Clients do not pay for Orientation as you will be learning the systems and procedures required to work effectively in the client’s facility. Therefore, you cannot expect any remuneration while you are introducing yourself to the client and is employees. You will need to wear your full uniform, distinguishing devices (epaulettes) and PPLE Healthcare ID/name badge.