Terms and Conditions Page 2

4. Duration
4.1. This Agreements shall commence on the date of signature hereof
and shall remain in force, unless terminated in accordance with the
provisions of the Agreement relating to notice and termination.
(Clause 5 and Clause 8)
4.2. This Agreement will terminate at the sole discretion of the
Temporary Employment Agency.
4.3. This agreement will be in force and effect even if there is no
obligation towards the employee to deliver a service for a client of
the Temporary Employment Agency.
4.4. If a client of the Temporary Employment Agency requires the services
of the Employee, the terms and conditions of this agreement have to
be met.
4.5. The Employee agrees that the duration of the assignment is
dependent on, inter alia, the conditions set out in the Introduction
4.6. Hence, the Temporary Employment Agency is not always in a
position to predict, with any degree of certainty, the duration and
extent of the assignment and this inability shall not be construed as
grounds for giving rise to reasonable expectation of ongoing
employment and/or renewal of any assignment.
4.7. In any event, since the contract automatically terminates when the
Client instructs the Temporary Employment Agency of the cessation
of the assignment, the Employee shall not be entitled to statutory
notice. Despite this, the Temporary Employment Agency shall
attempt to provide the Employee with reasonable notice where
4.8. For each assignment, it will be communicated to the Employee,
either in writing or orally by the representative of the Agency of the
Employee’s hourly rate of pay, the Client’s name and address, where
the Employee is to report, the name of the person the Employee
should report to, and details of the nature and hours of work. The
Employee will further be advised of the actual or anticipated
duration of the assignment.
4.9. The Employee accepts that the anticipated hours may vary from
actual hours as the case might be.
5. Notice Periods
5.1. This agreement may be terminated by any of the parties giving to the
other party statutory notice in writing of 1 week if the employee has
worked 6 months or less; 2 weeks, if the employee has worked more
than 6 months but less than one year; or 4 weeks, if the employee has
worked for more than 6 months.
5.2. This clause however does not in any way prejudice or affect the rights
of the Temporary Employment Agency or the Client to terminate the
employment of the Employee on a summary basis without notice,
where such manner of termination is justified by the provisions of
common law and the rules or policies of Temporary Employment
Agency and/or its Client.
6. Payment
6.1. Payment by the Temporary Employment Agency shall be effected on
twice a week, or as directed by the Temporary Employment Agency
from time to time. The rate paid by the Temporary Employment
Agency includes annual leave, sick leave and family responsibility
6.2. Therefore, the Temporary Employment Agency shall not accrue leave
on behalf of the assignee and the assignee will not be permitted to
apply for leave as leave pay has been included into the rate paid to
the assignee.
6.3. Employees shall be required to keep accurate records of hours
worked on time sheets which shall be verified and approved by the
Client for invoicing purposes and shall constitute proof of time
worked in the event of a dispute.
7. Obligations of the Parties
The Temporary Employment Agency shall undertake to:
7.1. comply with all its statutory obligations as the Temporary
Employment Agency of the Employee
7.2. warrant that all statutory registrations and relevant documentation
shall remain valid and current for the duration of this agreement;
7.3. as far as reasonably practicable, ensure compliance by the Employee
with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, with due regard to the
provisions of the L.R.A., B.C.E.A., and all other relevant applicable
labour legislation

8. Termination
8.1. This Agreement may be terminated: by written notice given by one
party to the other if the party to whom such notice has been given
has committed a material breach of this Agreement and fails to
rectify such a breach within (7) days after the receipt of such written
notice, requiring the defaulting party to remedy such breach in terms
of the scope of this Agreement.
8.2. Summarily by written notice given by either party to the other party
if the party to whom a pervious notification as required in 8.1 was
given, makes himself guilty of a similar breach within a concurrent
period of six (6) months
8.3. Where the Temporary Employment Agency’s contractual conditions
with the Client in terms of notice of termination, prescribe different
requirements to those recorded in this Agreement, such conditions
will prevail, provided they exceed notice periods prescribed in this
8.4. One party’s right to terminate this Agreement may be exercised
without prejudice to any other rights which they may have against
the other, whether in terms of this agreement or in law.
9. Confidentiality and Restraint
9.1. The parties to this agreement shall, for the duration of this
Agreement and after its termination be required to keep confidential
the terms of this Agreement together with the Confirmation of
Assignment(s) hereto and the subject matter thereof
9.2. The parties further agree to keep confidential the parties information
regarding its business, including but not limited to confidential
documentation, software, records, correspondence, marketing
and/or financial information, and may not reveal to any person or
institution other than persons or institutions employed and/or
authorized by both parties, and who are required to know such
information for the purpose of their employment and/or association
with the business, such information, both during the continuance of
the involvement between the parties hereunder or at any time
9.3. The Client shall not, for the duration of this Agreement or the
Confirmation of Assignment(s) hereto, and for a period of 6 (Six)
months after termination, employ, or enter into an employment
contract with an Employee supplied by the Temporary Employment
Agency without the written consent of the Temporary Employment
9.4. The employee hereby confirms that should a Client of the Temporary
Employment Agency make an offer of employment to the assignee
that Med X Staff Solutions will be identified as the effective cause of
the introduction.
9.5. Should the Client wish to make an offer of employment either on a
temporary or permanent basis to the Employee within the period
referred to in clause 9.3, the Client shall be required to obtain the
written consent of the Temporary Employment Agency whereupon
the Temporary Employment Agency shall be entitled to charge an
agency fee equal to 17% (Seventeen percent) of the annual salary
offered to the Employee, payable on presentation of invoice.
9.6. During assignments, the Employee will have access to information
which is confidential to the Agency and/or the Client.
9.7. All information that comes to the Employee in the course of the
Employee’s work with any of our clients must be treated as strictly
9.8. The Employee by signature of this agreement, undertakes to keep
confidential all such information which may be disclosed to the
Employee during his/her assignment or to which the Employee may
have access by virtue of his/her assignment, unless such disclosure is
authorised by the Agency.
10. Penalties
10.1. The employee acknowledges that the client may impose financial
penalties on the Company for certain undesirable behaviour from the employee. This includes but is not limited to: Late Arrival, Non-
arrival, Incorrect attire /uniform, not wearing mandatory identification cards, abandoning of a post, unwillingness to
accommodate changes in wards, sleeping on duty and being under
the influence of any illicit substance. The employee accepts that
should such a penalty be charged to the Company, that Med X will
be permitted to deduct such penalty from the employee’s wages up
to a maximum of 25% of the average monthly earnings of the
10.2. It should further be noted that any of the above transgressions
are also considered extremely serious in terms of the
Disciplinary Code of PPLE Healthcare and shall, subject to a
disciplinary hearing, permit PPLE Healthcare to impose an
equally serious Disciplinary Sanctions against the Employee,
including a final written warning or dismissal, as the case might