Terms and Conditions Page 1

(Hereinafter referred to as the employee)

The Temporary Employment Agency from time to time becomes engaged in
contracts for the supply of staff to its Clients for the rendering of service and
or completion of assignments. The client by virtue of the intermittent nature
of the services which it renders and/or the assignment which it attends to from
time to time, is not willing to engage the services of an employee on a long
term or permanent Employer/Employee basis and only makes use of the
services of an employee/assignee on an ad hoc basis whilst a particular
contract is being completed, thus outsourcing the required labour/skills to fulfil
the orders/contracts. The Client requires the services of a Temporary
Employment Agency to ensure that a sufficient number of Employees with the
necessary skills and experience are made available to the Client for purposes
of completing such contracts and/or assignments.
In view of this, the Employee accepts and understands that the Employer acts
in its capacity as a Temporary Employment Service and that there can be no
expectation on the part of the Employee, unless expressly indicated to the
contrary in writing by the Temporary Employment Agency, of renewal of the
assignment and/or indefinite assignment
In view of the services the Temporary Employment Agency has to deliver to its
client(s), the employee understands and hereby consent to be placed by the
Temporary Employment Agency at any workplace where his/her services are
required by the client of the Temporary Employment Agency and the employee
acknowledge and understand that he/she can be placed and or rotated
between workplaces as requested/required by the Temporary Employment
Agency’s client(s)
1. Interpretations and Definitions
1.1. “The Temporary Employment Agency” means for which the
procuring contract assignees for Clients requiring employee to
perform assignments for temporary periods, fixed term contract
periods, or indefinitely.
1.2. The “Client” means the Company for which the Temporary
Employment Agency procures assignees to perform work for
temporary periods, fixed term contract periods, or indefinitely.
1.3. The “Employee” shall mean the employee of PPLE Healthcare
and the contract assignee as specified in the confirmation of
1.4. The singular shall import and include the plural and vice versa
1.5. Words referring to any gender shall include the other gender
1.6. References to a natural person shall include a juristic person

1.7. The headings in this Agreement are used for the sake of
convenience only and shall not govern the interpretation hereof;
1.8. Any reference in this Agreement to the Temporary Employment
Agency includes, where appropriate, a reference to the employees
and agents of the Temporary Employment Agency
1.9. “Agreement” – the Agreement contained in this document and any
and all annexures hereto, which annexures shall form an integral
part hereof and to which the provisions, stipulations and conditions
of the Agreement shall apply mutatis mutandis. Where there is
conflict between any of the provisions, stipulations and conditions
of the Agreement and that of any Assignment, the provisions,
stipulations and conditions of the Agreement, except for those
contained in the special conditions of such annexures, shall take
1.10. “Project” – the Products to be designed, developed, provided,
installed and commissioned and/or services to be rendered by the
Employee to the Client.
1.11. “Services” – the services to be rendered by the Employee to the
1.12. “Termination Date” – the services completion date
1.13. “B.C.E.A.” – shall mean Basic Condition of Employment Act 75 of
1997, as amended;
1.14. “L.R.A.” – shall mean Labour Relation Act 66 of 1995, as amended.
1.15. “Introduction” – shall mean any orientation or work at a client of
PPLE Healthcare, and any provision of information by PPLE Healthcare to the client that
can be used to identify the assignee or employee.
2. Provision of Service
2.1. The Temporary Employment Agency shall provide the Employee a
contract to render services at the premises, offices and/or sites of
the Client in accordance with the needs stipulated by the Client;
2.2. The Temporary Employment Agency shall not be liable in any way
should the Employee, after the interview process prove to be
unsuitable to the Client’s needs.
2.3. Upon receipt of the confirmation from the Client, the Temporary
Employment Agency shall, after this contract was signed, arrange
with the Employee to deliver a certain service at a specified location
3. Working Hours
3.1. The Employee’s ordinary hours of work shall be as determined by
the Client and shall not exceed the hours as prescribed in the BCEA
75 of 1997 (as amended);
3.2. Overtime and work on public holidays and Sundays shall only be
undertaken on request by the Client and shall be pre-approved by
the Client;
3.3. The Employee will only be paid for actual days/hours worked at a
rate as agreed upon between the Temporary Employment Agency
and the Employee;
3.4. Should a Compressed Working Week in accordance with Chapter 2,
Section 11 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997 be in
place (or be implemented) the Employee will be required to work
up to twelve (12) hours a day over a 45 week inclusive of meal
intervals. These hours may by agreement with the Employee and
the Client, be varied or averaged with limits set by law, from time to
3.5. Meal intervals will be unpaid unless indicated otherwise in writing
by the PPLE Healthcare.